Maastro Clinic

Maastro is the institute for radiotherapy that provides radiation to cancer patients in the province of Limburg. As a nationally and internationally renowned radiotherapy center, we make the connection between excellent patient care, education and effective scientific research. Maastro is located on the Maastricht Brightlands Health Campus with, among others, the Maastricht University Medical Center and Maastricht University with mostly biotechnology companies as adjacent institutes. Maastro is also a recognised trainer for the education of various healthcare professionals in radiotherapy.

For radiotherapy, we have state of the art technology such as photon, electron and proton beams, and imaging with computed tomography x-rays and positron emission tomography. Maastro is one of the leaders in biological and translational research. Successes in the lab or physics are translated as quickly as possible to the clinic and are often applied in clinical trials for the first time worldwide. This enables Maastro to improve the concept of individualized radiotherapy.

Scientific research is organised in four divisions:

  • The division Lab focusses on radiation biology.
  • Clinical trials are managed by the division Clinical Research.
  • The more technical focus in improving radiotherapy, for instance in the field of imaging,  is covered by Physics Research
  • The division Data Science aims at building models and decision support systems to help physicians and patients to choose the best treatment.

In each division clinicians and researchers work closely together to translate research results as soon as possible into improved patient care.

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