Master BME/TM

Dear masterstudents of Paradoks,

Via the image on the right (or with the link below) you can see different master courses per track to help you choose your course electives and/or track. Next to these subjects, the names of people who already followed this course are stated. You can contact these people yourself via the studentmail and ask about these courses. Also, the names of people who did a masters assignment at a certain research department at the UT or at a company are stated. You can contact them about an example of a masters assignment and how they experienced the department and their supervisors.

You can also put your own name in the sheet. By doing this, you give consent that your name is used for this purpose and thus that other students can ask you questions about the courses.

If you have other wishes to improve the quality of your (choice of) masters, please send an email to

Also, keep track of the master infomail for nice activities!

The mastercommittee

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