At September 26 1978 S.V. Paradoks was founded. This means that upcoming year we will celebrate our 9th Lustrum. The theme of the Lustrum remains a secret, however the colours are already known: yellow, orange, red and purple. On the 26th of September on the Dies we will present the theme at the afternoon drink, this will be the official opening of the Lustrum year. Then on the 27th of September, we want to open the Lustrumweeks in a spectacular way during the opening party. From 27th of November till the 10th of December there will be two weeks of epic activities to celebrate the Lustrum, so save the date!

To keep up with the latest news regarding the Lustrum, you can follow us on Instagram: @lustrumparadoks (or click on the picture to immediately go to the account). Everything that will be published will of course also be added to this site, so that all important information will be easy to find.


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