Trainings and workshops

Within the University of Twente there are many different organisations which organise trainings and workshops. Below, these organisations are liked with a short desciption of the type of trainings you can expect from them. 

Student Affairs Coaching 
The student affairs coaching and counselling offers many different courses to students. An overview of the courses and training they offer are listed on their website. These workshops include: mindfullness course, performance anxiety training, stress management workshop, study encouragement group, study choice workshops and LinkedIn and CV workshops. Find them here

Look after your friend training
During your time as a student you can be faced by challenges sometimes. When things aren’t going as well chances are you will talk to your friends about it. This can raise questions for them such as: ‘How can I help my friend without letting it affect myself too much?’, ‘how can I listen to someone in a way that makes them feel heard?’, ‘what does a certain diagnosis actually mean?’ To help students in answering these questions, a training has been set up by the psychologists of the UT, in collaboration with the SU. Look after your friend training

Good Habitz
Good Habitz offers more than 100 online courses, in a variety of areas: ranging from personal effectiveness to Office, from management to social media and from health and safety to commercial skills. Courses are available in 5 different languages and courses are made up of videos, articles and test questions. With you University of Twente student account you get free access to these trainings. Good Habitz

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