P.V.G. Standaard Lui

It once began as a small football team of friends here at UT, but in the meantime P.V.G. Standard Lui has developed into a fantastic association within S.V. Paradoks. Meanwhile, the internal competition of v.v. Drienerlo has been fully explored, but still the third half remains our strongest point. Our second lustrum on September 29, 2022 was reason for a year full of crazy adventures, such as making the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart unsafe, the necessary silly poems were written with St. Nicholas and some of us were able to find true love at our very first date dinner. To top it off, we ended our year with an amazing cantus in the well-known Technobar. 
Of course we are going to do a lot more fun things like this in the near future, but for now we will focus on soccer for a while. Although every year we manage to attract the cream of the crop in terms of soccer skills, the need for liquid gold sometimes seems to get the better of us. We got relegated at the end of our anniversary year, so we have to work hard.
Would you like to join us for a game of soccer or cheer along with the fan club? Just talk to someone in the Techno Hall or send an email to sl.paradoks@gmail.com!

Kisses from the boys,
"Wij zijn Standaard Lui, wij zijn Standaard Lui!"


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