In order to introduce our students to the professional field, we are always looking for companies and organizations that are interested in collaboration. In this way, students can orientate themselves on their future field of work and companies can make contact with possible future employees. Think of lectures, cases or exposure of your company on our website or in our association magazine. If you are interested in the possibilities of collaborating with Study Association Paradoks, please contact our Commissioner of External Affairs. 

Sarah Krebbers
053 489 2491


Our current sponsors:


Benchmark Almelo is part of a worldwide Benchmark Network. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Benchmark delivers the highest level of market-oriented services and turnkey platforms where our customers need them.

We have Design Centers of Innovation in strategic locations in each of the three key regions. We mainly work for the Medical, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets. In addition to electronics production, we also have full precision mechanical production capabilities. For example, we work for customers such as Airbus, Siemens, Fluke or Semiconductor companies.


Put your shoulders to the wheel and develop the best healthcare software for healthcare. Hans and Gerrit Mulder started ChipSoft in 1986 with this team spirit. Three decades later, that no-nonsense mentality is still the linchpin of the company. More than ever, because the Mulders now have more than 800 'Chippies'.

All those hundreds of employees are given the space to develop themselves through courses and training. And to develop their own ideas. Because at ChipSoft we believe in the motto 'better well thought out than well stolen'. That freedom also applies to activities with your colleagues.

What is typical ChipSoft? Teaching a medical specialist the intricacies of our software. But also organizing a sports activity for your colleagues. Or developing a solution that optimizes patient logistics in hospitals. All this with a common goal: to strengthen our leading position in the world of healthcare ICT. Will you join us?


Nedap N.V. is a multinational tech firm. From our headquarters in Groenlo, the Netherlands, we employ 800 people in 11 countries worldwide. We were founded in 1929 and have been listed at the Dutch Stock Exchange since 1947.

At Nedap, we believe that a smarter application of technology can help solve tomorrow’s challenges. Understanding what technology needs to do for customers and their users and how they wish to use it, is at our core.


Movella is a full-stack hardware, software, and cloud analytics company created by the consolidation of mCube, Xsens and Kinduct. Bringing together pioneers in the sensing, capturing, analysis of motion, Movella is focused on a bold vision and dedicated to providing actionable insights for industry leaders, all to move humanity forward.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. No one knows that better than Movella. That’s why we create career opportunities designed to keep you challenged, engaged and always moving forward. If you’re ready to move the world towards positive change, there’s no better place than Movella.


As the world's leading producer of collagen-based solutions, we offer exciting opportunities for professional development. Rousselot Biomedical is the newest strategic segment within Rousselot, providing the biomedical industry with collagen-inspired solutions. Our 130 years of global expertise in gelatins and pharmaceutical collagens come together to make a difference in people's lives.

Rousselot’s X-Pure® and Quali-Pure® gelatins and modified gelatins offer unique benefits to ensure performance, quality and safety from the lab to the clinic, and are backed by solid science and ongoing research.

If you share our passion for making a positive impact on the world, come contact us and become part of Rousselot, the health brand of Darling's Ingredients.

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