(De)registration policy of activities or products

The Dutch translation of this text is leading.

If there is an event on the website, it will always mention the (expected) costs and a deregistration deadline. An event can mean an activity or a product. If the costs or deadline are altered significantly, the board will notify all participants.

4 situations are described here, in which most situations can be classified. If it does not fit one of these descriptions, a decision must be made per situation. The board will always try to act reasonably, but in case of doubt the board will have the final decision. 

Generally, it applies that if you sign up for an event, you can be contacted with event-related information with the contact information that is registered by S.V. Paradoks.

Situation 1: registration and deregistration is still possible


If you sign up for an event, you will buy a ‘ticket’, which means that your participation for the event is your property. A ticket is not distributed physically or digitally, and a confirmation email for an activity is not recognised as a ticket.

Until the deregistration deadline expires, you can deregister without (financial) consequences.

Waiting list

Activities may have a waiting list. If the tickets for an event are sold out, you will be put on the waiting list automatically. When another member deregisters for the event, the first member in the waiting list will automatically receive the ticket. This will only happen automatically if the registration deadline (not the deregistration deadline) has not yet expired.

If you stay on the waiting list, you cannot come to the activity and you are not required to pay for any costs. You can get your name off the waiting list by deregistering for the event (if the deregistration deadline has not expired). This way you will prevent being registered automatically.

Situation 2: Only registration is possible, deregistration is not possible


If you sign up for an activity for which you cannot deregister anymore, you are required to pay any costs for the activity. We assume right away that you are present at the activity. It will always be clear you cannot deregister for an activity anymore before you sign up.

Waiting list

If the tickets are sold out and there is a waiting list, you will be put on this waiting list automatically. You are not required to pay as long as you are on the waiting list.

Note: If another member deregisters for an event via the board, you can still be given the ticket automatically if you are the first person on the waiting list. At that moment you are required to pay. Only register for an event when you are sure you can come, even if you will be put on the waiting list!

Situation 3: The deregistration deadline has expired

Can I still deregister for an event?

As soon as the deregistration deadline has expired, we expect you to come and you are required to pay any costs.

You can try to transfer your ticket to someone else. To do so you can ask your friends or anyone from the waiting list. When you have found someone to take your ticket, send a message to the board (board@paradoks.utwente.nl). They will adjust your registration.

Note: No one is obliged to take your ticket and the board can deny your request to transfer the ticket at any time (e.g. when it is on short notice, or if sign in sheets are passed to a third party).

Waiting list

If you are still on the waiting list when the deregistration deadline has expired you do not have a ticket for the event. You are not required to come or to pay any costs.

Another member or someone from the board may contact you to transfer a ticket to you. You always have the right to deny this request. If you decide to take the ticket, please contact the board (board@paradoks.utwente.nl). They will adjust your registration. The board always has the right to deny your request.

Situation 4: Absence due to corona or other special situations

If you cannot attend an event due to corona related or special circumstances, the rules described in situation 1-3 still apply. Do not attend an activity if you have possible corona symptoms or should be in quarantine. 

Let the board know that you cannot come and why, they can support you in finding someone to take over your ticket. In discussion with the board, an arrangement might be made where Paradoks pays (part of) the costs.

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