SmART Scientific Solutions

We are a rapidly growing company founded in 2015 to support research efforts in image-guided precision preclinical radiation research for cancer and other diseases. This is a mouthful, but it means we’re into developing research products to support research into treatment of disease models with radiation in combination with other therapies. We mostly work for preclinical research, which means with small laboratory animals. We collaborate with other international companies, and have developed products that are used in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. We also have strong links with the human oncology world.

We develop and create a range of products, mostly software for preclinical radiation treatment planning,  but also hardware such as phantoms for imaging and dosimetry. Recently we embarked on integrating artificial intelligence methods in our products. Our goal is to advance this new highly innovative research field to accelerate development of new treatment strategies.

This figure shows software for irradiation planning for a preclinical cancer model.


We aim to contribute towards the translational oncology aspects, that are needed to bring novel therapies from the preclinical testing phase to the clinical trial phase.

We reside in a modern facility at the Maastricht Brightlands campus, where lots of biomedical companies are based. On the same campus, you’ll find the Maastricht University Hospital, the Maastro radiotherapy clinic for cancer therapy, and the faculty of medicine of the University Maastricht. This creates a unique synergy to stimulate research and clinical trials.

We employ people with technical backgrounds in biomedical engineering, biophysics, informatics and technical medicine. We also offer a range of graduate thesis projects for students.

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Sector: biomedical research&development
Address: Oxfordlaan 55, 6229EV Maastricht, Netherlands

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