Study Tour Wahweenga


Do you already see yourself in a faraway country where you visit companies, hospitals and research institutes and experience super cool cultural activities? Then the study trip of S.V. Paradoks made for you. A study trip is an intercontinental three-week trip, aimed at visiting companies, universities and institutes within a specific theme. Within this theme, the participants also conduct scientific research. The rest of the trip is spent on cultural trips to get to know the destination better. This entire program is largely financed by so-called case studies, assignments of 120 hours in the biomedical and biotechnical field, which are carried out by the participants themselves!

The upcoming study tour will depart in September 2022 to the majestic east coast of Canada and the United States with the theme of Wahweenga. This is the Objiwe for perfection, befitting these giants of innovation in healthcare and the associated battle for prestige in everyday life. The research before and during the trip will be related to this perfection. The research will be conducted within the themes “the pursuit of perfection in humans” and “the drive for achievement and the urge for perfection in the biomedical sector of Canada and the United States”.

We hope that you will enthusiastically write your motivation letters and send them to us no later than October 21, 2021 via Mail with further questions or for more information to

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