Tips for finding a room

Living on your own is one of the most fun and exciting aspects of studentlife. Sometimes you don't have a choice if you live far away, or even in other countries. Sometimes you just want to get rid of your annoying parents. Luckily you can have a great student life here in Enschede. The costs are relatively low (betweet 250-350 euro per month, cheapest of the whole of netherlands!) and everything is closeby if you have a bicycle. 

In Enschede you often have to 'hospiteer' for a room. Then you send an email to a house in which you introduce yourself, after which you are invited for an interview. During that conversation you will find out whether you fit the house or not. So it's not that a house will only pick you up if you make the best jokes and say the most! Be yourself and you will automatically find a room and house that suits you. Be quick! It is very inconvenient to have to look for a room during the Kick-In.

The things you can say in your email to houses are mostly a short introduction of yourself (so your study, hobbies and where you come from for example), why you want to live in their house, why they should want you to be living there and what you expect from living there.

Here are the three most used sites for finding a room:

Kamernet (You need a premium account to react to rooms, that will cost some money every month):

Student Union kamersite

Roomspot (These are (almost) only rooms on campus, this is the site of the organisation renting out the rooms):

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