Ordering Books

When you are a member of Paradoks, you get a discount on your study-books. Even better: the discount you get is way more then the cost of being a member for your complete studentlife! It is basicly a win win. In the Kick-In there will be a study assosciation part for 3 days. We as Paradoks are leaving on a camp to a secret location. Before we leave you will enlist for the books you want to order. This way there are on time for the start of the new year! 

The costs of the books of Biomedical Engineering will be between the 300 and 500 euro. For Technical Medicin this will be around the 800 to 900 mark. This way you will buy basicly all your books for the complete bachelor. Do you have any questions about your books? Write an email to boeken@paradoks.utwente.nl.

It is now possible to order your books online. For this you need to be logged in and navigate to Study > Biomedical Engineering / Technical Medicin > Ordering books.