Mental health

From the University of Twente, you can report personal circumstances to a student dean or student psychologists. You can reach these through the Student Affairs Coaching & Counseling (SACC) in the Vrijhof (room 311). You can also email For more information about SACC also feel free to visit Of course, you can always contact your student advisor or anyone else in the program.

If you would like more information about wellbeing;  
Engelse site; Wellbeing ( 

And if you would like more information about regulations;  
Engelse site; Regulations | Overview regulations | Home SACC ( 

And if you would like more information about confidential advisors; 
Engelse site; Counselling | Confidential advisor | Home SACC (  

And if you would like more information about sexual violence; 
Engelse site;  Personal circumstances | Sexual Violence | Home SACC (  

Student Advisors 
It is always possible to see the TM or BME student advisors. You can make an appointment through the site.

Other support lines:
Should you be looking for other help, there are also national initiatives that may be able to help you further. 
Everything OK?
Alles Ok√©? (Everthing ok?) is a support line that offers support for everyone between the ages of 18 and 24 when things are not going so well. Chat or call (0800-0450) anonymously with a trained volunteer for a listening ear. Every day between 2pm and 10pm. Anonymous. Also available in english. 

113 Suicide Prevention
Thinking about suicide? Then you can call and chat with 113 completely anonymously. Call toll-free with 0800-0113 or chat at 

In case of an emergency call 112