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On Thursday, October 12th 2017, the ISPOR University of Twente Student Chapter organizes an educational symposium about how the methodologies that are being taught at the University for developing, evaluating, and implementing healthcare interventions, are being applied in practice. Although the symposium is primarily organized for the educational programs of Health Sciences, Technical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Management, registration is open to all University of Twente students and employees.

Point-of-care tests are a perfect example of healthcate interventions for which the development, evaluation, and implementation are all extremely relevant and challenging. Developing these test is a real technical challenge, as the devices should be easy and quick to use, but also accurate. As for any diagnostic device, evaluating point-of-care test is difficult, as effects are likely to occur only as a consequence of the treatment that is provided according to the diagnosis. These tests are mostly implemented at the general practicioners and appropropriate implementation is crucial. Therefore, real-life examples of the development, evaluation, and implementation of point-of-care tests will be used throughout the symposium to address the corresponding methodologies.

The introduction to point-of-care tests and the development of healthcare interventions in general will be provided by prof. dr. Maarten IJzerman and prof. dr. Ron Kusters, who are both affiliated to the University of Twente. Subsequently, national and international speakers from industry, government, and academia will discuss different stages in the development of point-of-care tests. The symposium will end with an interactive discussion, follwed by a reception with free drinks. More information about the speakers, as well as a detailed program, are provided below.

Registration for this symposium is free but mandatory. Students of the applicable educational programs can register at the website of their Study Association (Paradoks, Stress or Sirius). Others can register via the website below. For any questions, please feel free to contact the ISPOR University of Twente Student Chapter at

More information and the program can be found on this website:


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