Studievereniging voor Biomedische Technologie en Technische Geneeskunde

Excursion LODE

After last year’s success, the ToeCo will be hosting a field trip to Lode b.v.! Lode, located in Groningen, is a developer in ergometry systems for varying purposes. Their product range from ‘simple’ cycle ergometers to ergometers for wheelchairs and inline skates. Apart from the machines, Lode develops the software, required for usage, as well. Particularly interesting are the ergonomic applications combined with diagnostics such as MRI, x-ray and ultrasound. During the trip we’ll spend time on these subjects as well.  

The 14th of March at 08:30 we’ll depart from the Spiegel (Drienerlolaan 5). After arriving in Groningen we’ll attend a short introduction, a tour around the facility and the museum. We’ll conclude with a moment of discussion/debate with various employees while enjoying a delicious lunch. We’re expected to arrive back in Enschede around 14:30.