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Lunchlecture Motekforce

Dear members of Paradoks,


The Toeco organises a new lunchlecture! Chinouk van Nijen will tell us something about what her company, Motekforce Link does.

Sometimes in our lives a setback in movement and mobility, due to disease, trauma or aging, adversely affects our quality of life. To regain mobility, restore and improve human performance, this company makes use of their experience in rehabilitation technology and virtual reality. In this scene of virtual reality, the patient might actually enjoy learning to walk again!

The products are beneficial for patients with neurological, orthopedic disorders and eldery with increased risk of falling. Motek force uses treadmills, motion capturing, movable platforms, robotics and sensor technologies.

An interesting company for both the TG and BMT students.


Sign and up and enjoy lunch during this lecture!