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Lunchlecture Ambroise

Dear Members,

On the 19th of december the ToeCo organizes another lunchlecture:
Ambroise, lightweight ortheses

Imagine, due to a car accident your legs are paralyzed and the doctors tell you that you’re never going te be able to walk on your own feet again. In this desperate situation Ambroise, a dutch company, could offer you a solution in which you can learn to walk on your own feet again with little help of light weight ortheses.
Ambroise is a company that has been at the forefront of light weight dynamic orthotics since its founding in 1994. The developers of Ambroise are busy every day trying to understand how the human body works and they try to support several functions of the body with their gained knowledge.
Nils van Leerdam, who has studied Biomedical Technology himself on the university of Twente is going to tell us something about his company and their new developments.

So if you want to know more about this interesting company and enjoy a free subway sandwich, sign up now!

The lecture will be given in English.